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yoooo it's been like four years exactly since i've maintained this thing, but i've really been wanting to get back into journalling. i tried to on lj a few times, but it always made me feel sad for the friendships that had been developed and then lost over the years, and it held a lot of emotional baggage, so maybe starting with a fresh slate will help?

last week was spring break for britt and so i took the week off to spend from work to spend time with her. we went roller-skating and hiking and watched a lot of rupaul's drag race (which i have A LOT of thoughts about) and got some much needed housework and yardwork done. roller-skating was a lot of fun, and i was really bad at it, but it made me miss those 3 months i kind of did derby 5 years ago. if i wasn't juggling school + work + trying to get pregnant right now, i'd probably sign up for atlanta roller girls right now. i think i'm going to next summer, though. like, i think it will be a really good thing to make sure i stay active and get out after having a baby and while being a stay-at-home mom. i have the tendency to become reclusive if i don't have something forcing me out of the house regularly, and i worry it will kick in when i'm not working anymore, especially since i might have to go off my anti-depressants. i'm trying to plan things now to prepare for when the time comes.

back to those rupaul thoughts, tho!
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